Jason Darrah

My name is Jason Darrah and I am outdoor adventurer, photographer and videographer living in Central Oregon.  I spend a lot of my time recreating in the thousands of square miles of wilderness, national forests and Public Lands (BLM) that we have here in Oregon and enjoy capturing my adventures in a fun and inspiring way.

My passion for photography developed after I started making outdoor related videos for YouTube.  Spending so much time in the amazing landscapes Central Oregon has to offer, I decided an Android phone wasn’t doing it any justice.  I soon purchased my first DSLR and spent hours and hours studying photography techniques over the past few years. When my niece asked me to do her senior photos that is when my hobby turned into full on raging passion. Shooting her images introduced me to a whole new world of photography and the use of artificial light to create amazing and dramatic images. Photography offers many challenges and opportunities to create incredible visualizations, and I constantly enjoy pushing the boundaries of what I am able create with quality camera equipment.

Take the time to look over my portfolio and if you find that you like my style of photography use the contact form below and describe your project. I look for to hearing and working with you.


Jason Darrah


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